Deepwater mooring technology has evolved in the last 20 years, and much of the industry's progress has been pioneered by InterMoor.

InterMoor's Industry Firsts

  • Current water depth record for conventional mooring off Brazil, 2,027 m - 2012
  • Current world record holder of conventional drilling rig mooring installation, 8,431 ft. (2,570 m) water depth - 2008
  • First permanent production facility polyester mooring (outside of Brazil) - 2003
  • First full drilling rig polyester and suction embedded plate anchor (SEPLA) mooring system - 2001
  • First test drilling rig polyester and SEPLA mooring installation - 1999
  • First test drilling rig suction anchor installation - 1996
  • First drag VLA installation (outside of Brazil) - 1994


Latest Developments

  • Game-changing acoustic release mooring connector, the Inter-M Release - 2018
  • First in-line electronic mooring line monitoring component: the Inter-M Pulse - 2011
  • Risk Assessment Software: MoorVision allows you to query the BOEM database to plan your next rig move in the Gulf of Mexico

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