We have clear policies in place to ensure health and safety and care for the environment is an integral part of our operations.


The InterMoor facilities in Singapore, Norway, United Kingdom, Brazil, and United States are ISO 9001 certified and all other InterMoor facilities worldwide are ISO 9001 compliant.

InterMoor is a registered member of the International Marine Contractors Association, ISNetWorld and First Point Assessment (FPAL), an oil and gas industry supply chain database, run by Achilles.

InterMoor is fully registered as a supplier in the Achilles Utilities Nordics and Central Europe.

InterMoor Ltd. has also been awarded Warranty Certificates of Approval as Qualified Towmaster for our key marine personnel; whilst we have always been confident that our selection and training processes ensure our personnel are highly competent, this third-party approval is an important initiative which provides documentary evidence to our clients of the competence of our Towmasters and Marine Representatives.

Complete commitment to HSE performance

It is the policy of InterMoor that all of its activities be conducted to:

  • maintain a safe, healthy and injury-free workplace;
  • respect and avoid damage to the environment;
  • document, monitor, and ensure safe systems of work that avoid accidents, anticipate hazards and reduce risks;
  • comply with all applicable laws, regulations, client requirements and recognised best practices;
  • ensure HSE management is a prime responsibility of line management from our Executive Management to first-line supervisory level; and
  • ensure respect for health and safety and care for the environment is an integral part of and is inseparable from our daily operations.

InterMoor Ltd completes its tenth straight year of operation without any lost time incident (LTI).

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Unique training programme

InterMoor’s offshore personnel attend a unique five-day intensive ‘Training Deck’ programme developed by InterMoor to familiarise offshore employees with the basic tools and equipment used during the different types of operations they are required to perform offshore and to familiarise them with HSE requirements. This training programme includes both classroom training and hands-on training. Each offshore employee must pass written and performance examinations graded by third-party safety professionals.

InterMoor facilities are OHSAS 18001 certified. InterMoor Inc., InterMoor A/S, and InterMoor UK are ISO 45001:2018 certified.

InterMoor’s facilities in Norway, the UK and Morgan City in the US are ISO 14001 certified.


Valid until
US ISO 9001:2015 6 Jul 2022 Download PDF
US OHSAS 18001:2007 29 May 2020 Download PDF
US ISO 45001:2018 6 Jul 2022 Download PDF
US ISO 14001:2015 6 Jul 2022 Download PDF
A/S ISO 14001:2015 12 Jun 2021 Download PDF
A/S ISO 45001:2018 1 Apr 2021 Download PDF
A/S ISO 9001:2015 12 Jun 2021 Download PDF
UK ISO 45001:2018 21 Jan 2022 Download PDF
UK ISO 14001:2015 21 Jan 2022 Download PDF
UK ISO 9001:2015 21 Jan 2022 Download PDF