By providing a ‘one-stop’ shop of management and support services; 24-7 availability of on-call expertise; and the ability to capture and share our domain knowledge globally, we ensure that our clients’ operations are in the best hands.

It’s all about location, location, location

Moving you to location:

Whatever you are moving offshore, wherever you need it to be, we provide a complete survey service, on-board towmasters, and reliable mooring system design and procedures to get you on location as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Whether it’s a wave converter or an oil rig, operators and contractors can rely on our expertise to lead their valuable asset to its destination.

We pride ourselves on being asset independent as we do not own any boats. Instead, we can select and source the right vessel that fits your needs in terms of cost, functionality and location.

Keeping you on location:

Safety and security is critical when it comes to protecting your asset. From desktop planning and preliminary engineering, to detailed engineering, equipment procurement, and offshore installation, you can be assured that your asset is secure on location.

Whatever your asset, regardless of size, we can tow from the shipyard, anchor on site with a customised permanent mooring and, where appropriate, provide a full mooring integrity solution to allow for the development of a pro-active maintenance plan.

Across the oil and gas sector, drillers can rely on us to provide precise station-keeping, which will be the key element to protecting the riser. For producing facilities, we have unmatched experience in towing, anchoring and developing and implementing essential mooring integrity solutions. Our expertise has proven to be fully transferable across the renewables and aquaculture sectors.

Moving you off location:

By providing a ‘one-stop’ shop of management and support services; 24-7 availability of on-call expertise; and the ability to capture and share our domain knowledge globally, we ensure that our clients’ operations are in the best hands, from start to finish.

We will lead your asset to its final destination and, for oil and gas operators, take it from well to well throughout its drilling campaign.

We provide pre-lay moorings, ensuring that a complete additional drilling rig mooring spread is laid out before the drilling rig arrives at its next location, saving time and cost. Once your campaign is finished, we can tow your asset to its next location or to the quayside to await its next job…

From design to decommissioning…one call and we do it all

We provide a complete package to ensure our clients receive the optimum solution in a single interface and uncompromised contracting strategy – leading to operational flexibility and commercial efficiency.

For temporary and permanent mooring, our cradle-to-grave range of services – and our ability to link up with our sister companies across Acteon to fulfil project requirements under one contract – delivers increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

Through InterMoor and our partnerships with international vessel providers, our clients can be assured of being offered the right vessel for the job. We don’t own vessels, so we can contract whichever vessel is necessary, the right vessel of opportunity.

We cover all aspects of mooring assets from engineering and project management to provision of equipment to installation, inspection and repair. Our integrated solution is what differentiates us from our competitors. We take care of everything, and not with a one-size-fits-all solution. Our solution is always engineered and customised.

Flexibility and efficiency…the benefits of choosing InterMoor.

“I was pleased with the help and professionalism of the new wire inspectors.”


“These are some of the best riggers we have ever hired: professional,  experienced, work well as a team, excellent crew.”


“The crew was well prepared and completed the job in a safe and efficient manner.”


Lowering costs, reducing risk. It’s the InterMoor way

The experience of our people and the quality of our equipment deliver real value. With ever-increasing pressures over time and costs, you can rely on our extensive track record in both temporary and permanent moorings to provide smart solutions that reduce time, cost and risk.

At InterMoor, we work with you to help manage reduced costs, reduced risk and increased efficiencies from start to finish. Clients can have confidence in the precision of our engineers; they actively participate in the planning, logistics, and offshore installation and recovery operations for the systems they design. Most have an average of at least five years of offshore experience. Our senior staff engineers average ten years’ offshore experience. Their hands-on experience is an invaluable complement to the expertise of our offshore operational teams.

As a mooring solutions partner across the engineering, procurement and construction, and operations and maintenance phases of a project, we fully appreciate the crucial role we play in not only completing the project on time and within budget, but in demonstrating a total commitment to safety.
We prove to be a reliable partner that clients trust to deliver to the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity.

A truly global business partner

Working in close partnerships with our clients ensures we treat their businesses as if they were our own.

With us as their expert business partner, clients can be assured that we will share their goals, anticipate their challenges, think their thoughts and live and breathe the solutions we bring them.

Our philosophy within InterMoor and across Acteon is to work together, support and learn from each other – across boundaries – to leverage our collective expertise and help our business and our clients’ businesses succeed.

Our life-of-field capabilities allow us to take ownership of the complete range of mooring processes around our clients’ assets. Additionally, our ability to call on the combined expertise of our sister companies across Acteon allows us to take ownership of complex subsea projects from installation to decommissioning.

When clients bring our expertise in house, it allows us to manage interfaces on their behalf, helping to control costs and enabling efficiency gains across the lifecycle. We bring clients the assurance that we deliver to schedule, cost and quality, through a demonstrable focus on uptime and production efficiency.

“I feel that InterMoor has done an excellent job of inspecting our anchor chain and completed the task in a fraction of the time that was originally projected.”


“A very sincere THANK YOU  to you and all involved in InterMoor for the fantastic operation you arranged…”