Our depth of knowledge and years of experience keep us ahead of the field.

We are built on a wealth of industry-leading experience and expertise both on and offshore, allowing us the technical knowledge to deliver the best solutions safely and effectively.

This level of expertise – from design to decommissioning – is critical to managing risk, performance and, ultimately, the long-term economics of our clients’ assets.

Our engineers and operational staff average ten years of experience in the industry and many hold qualifications such as Certified Professional Engineers, Qualified Towmasters and Certified Inspectors. Their affiliation with industry associations such as MTS, Subsea UK and SNAME, as well as their professional involvement in JIPs, ensures that our team is at the forefront of the latest technical and industry developments.


Alan Duncan

Managing Director, InterMoor UK

David Smith

Managing Director, InterMoor A/S

Martin Kobiela

President, InterMoor Inc.

Cleiver Moulin

Managing Director, InterMoor do Brasil

We accumulate over 4 million man-hours globally. Our engineers work very closely with the manufacturing, procurement and offshore operations teams, regularly going offshore and getting involved at the operational level of our projects. This strong hands-on experience ensures a smooth experience for our clients. We also recognise the benefits of employing in-country personnel and have proactively increased our local engagement in all regions of the world, especially Latin America and West Africa.

We have proven experience in some of the world’s most challenging environments and our track record in managing projects from start to finish is second to none.

Our deep domain knowledge sets us apart from our competitors. Many of our people have dedicated their working lives to developing the skills required to manage and deliver technically challenging mooring and installation projects. They are rightly recognised as the best in the business.