InterMoor has offices in Perth, Australia, Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our rig moves and prelay experience in the region is strong and covers a wide range of countries like Australia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We store a considerable volume of equipment in the area, ensuring a very short response time to enquiries. We have strong  experience moving semi-submersibles, jack-ups, as well as Tender Assist Drilling (TADs) units in the region. Our permanent mooring track record includes tow, installation and relocation work on some of the largest FPSOs and platforms in the region. Recent examples include like Lufeng NHSK FSOU, Benchamas 2, and Malikai.

Quayside yards in the region are located in Singapore and Balikpapan, and in Karratha, Australia, within short distance from Dampier quayside.

There are two chain Inspection units in the region – currently located in Singapore & Balikpapan.


  • 4500 sq. m. (1.1 acres)
  • Located within Loyang Offshore Supply Base
  • Quay Side/ Crane & Shore based facilities
  • 970 m (3,182 ft.) berthing capability
  • Water depth of 7-9.5m (23-31ft.) at low tide
  • Able to accommodate 11 vessels simultaneously
  • Spool and Inspection of Wire Rope and Socket Pouring
  • 24/7 CCTV Monitored Secured Facility

Balikpapan, Indonesia

  • 4,000 sq. m. (1 acre)
  • Located at Petrosa Offshore Supply Base
  • 200 m (656 ft.) jetty, 3 outer berths with minimum water depths of 8 m (26 ft.), and two inner berths with minimum water depths of 6 m (19ft.).
  • Spooling unit
  • Chain Inspection equipment

Karratha, Australia

  • Yard: 10,000 sq. m. (2.5 acres)
  • Workshop: 7550 sq. m. (81,257 sq. ft.)
  • Office: 170 sq. m. *1,829 sq. ft.)
  • Forklifts, cranes, and spoolers
  • Anchors ranging from 7th through to 28te
  • R4 & R5 Studlink Chain
  • Fibre rope mooring lines
  • Inspection, Repair & Maintenance services
  • Ancillary equipment including Kenter Links, TAS, Surface & Subsurface Buoyancy, Chain Stoppers etc..

Key contacts:

Regional Managers:

Barry Silver – Managing Director, APAC
Tel: +61 (0)417 038106

Vin Bala – General Manager
Tel: +65 9117 5298

Gavin Crossan – Operations Manager, Australasia
Tel: +61 (0) 447 460 404

Business Development & Commercial:

Department email

Amar Shah – Commercial Manager
Tel: +61 (0) 447 460 404

Aiman Rosli – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 13 288 4546