InterMoor has remained at the forefront of foundation innovation

Our installed conductors are recognised as the superior product to traditionally jetted conductors since the driving process is such a well understood operation geotechnically.

We install conductors by driving them to the desired penetration with a MENCK-built deepwater subsea hydraulic hammer spread, which allows us to provide these services in water depths up to 7,300 ft. with +/-3-inch elevation accuracy. This is achieved through our partnership with sister company MENCK GmbH

Some advantages to InterMoor Conductor Service’s methodology:

  • Reduces personnel exposure to pipe handling.
  • Minimal environmental footprint.
  • Safe installation through shallow flow and overpressured formations.
  • Sufficient capacity on installation, no waiting for soil set up.
  • Can be installed in single welded piece, or connected pipe.
  • Installation of connected pipe has built in contingency.
  • Same equipment can install foundation piles and anchor piles.
  • Driven product is a more economic solution.
  • All installation operations are OFF critical path.
  • Reduces downtime exposure during adverse weather or loop currents.
  • Potential savings of 40% on material.
  • Potential savings of 2 operational days per conductor.

Case Studies