Engineering services

Engineering capabilities are available around the world in our main locations. These design and analysis teams carry out our engineering and research and development activities. These teams work closely with our operations group and fabrication facility to provide total project solutions for our clients.

Offshore experience

Our engineers actively participate in the planning, logistics, and offshore installation and recovery operations for the systems they design. Most have an average of at least five years of offshore experience. Our senior staff engineers average ten years’ offshore experience.

A diverse array of expertise

  • Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic analysis (vessel coefficients and models, wind tunnel, and wave basin model test correlations)
  • Mooring system engineering, design, analysis and offshore procedure development (frequency and time domain, fully coupled two-body analyses, DP system simulation analyses…)
  • Structural foundation engineering, design, analysis and offshore procedure development (suction piles, driven piles, anchors…)
  • Structural installation aid engineering, design, analysis and offshore procedure development (chain tables, chutes, spiral strand alignment tools)
  • Subsea installation engineering, design, analysis and offshore procedure development (including polyester test insert removal and replacement, umbilical installation, subsea equipment lowering analyses, mooring line and anchor installation analyses, riser pull-in and more)

Mooring design

InterMoor has designed, analysed, installed, and recovered hundreds of temporary mooring systems for all types of floating vessels using a variety of anchor handler vessels (AHVs) worldwide. The majority of our temporary mooring projects involve:

  • Mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs)
  • Tender assist drilling units (TADUs)
  • Accommodations and installation barges
  • Extended well test barges
  • Salvage barges
  • Supply boat stand-by systems
  • Supply boat back-down systems

Our engineers are rigorously trained to facilitate our offering of a comprehensive set of temporary mooring services that include:

  • Design and validation analyses
  • Installation and recovery analyses
  • Risk assessments for regulatory approval (MoorVision)
  • Installation and recovery procedures
  • Equipment specification
  • Fit checks and rigging calculations
  • Mobilisation and offshore operations support and oversight

Temporary mooring engineers perform dynamic mooring and installation analyses and risk assessments with proven and qualified software applications (i.e. GMoor32 by Global Maritime, MoorVision and QMoor). They plan offshore operations, write procedures, and define job specific mooring components and installation aids to ultimately go offshore and oversee the installation and recovery operations. This broad range of experience enables our engineers to efficiently design, deliver and accurately install safe and reliable temporary mooring solutions.

Project Management

Our PM process is aligned with guidance provided in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). As the project team forms, the planning phase begins, and work sequencing will form schedules and consequently budgets.

Additionally, detailed risk, quality, safety and communication planning will begin. Once preliminary work such as logistics or procedure development has been completed, the execution phase of the project will start.

Regardless of duration, our Project Managers monitor and report the status to our client while continually tracking and mitigating risks, through both our clients’ processes and InterMoor’s ISO 9001:2015 procedures.

When project execution shifts into the close-out phase, the PM will focus on all completion activities, ensuring all deliverables have been finalized, and all financial obligations have been met.

InterMoor believes these activities should merit the same attention to detail and efficiency for our clients as the planning and execution phases. This attitude sets us apart from our competition, and it is our goal to ensure our clients are confident in the final product delivered through every moment of an operation.