Williams Gulfstar 1 FPS Spar Piles

The Tubular Bells field is a deep-water oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico.  In order to develop the field, Williams will produce a SPAR with a permanent taut-leg moored system with nine (9) lines secured by suction piles with one spare for contingency, bringing the number of piles fabricated to ten (10).  InterMoor Inc. pursued and was awarded the fabrication of the mooring piles, signifying a big step forward for the company’s fabrication process and overall growth.

Awarded in November of 2011, the piles delivered in October of 2013, the job consisted of ten (10) suction piles measuring 16 ft. diameter, 97 ft. long and over 190 tons in weight.  This project represented significant growth for InterMoor in that we controlled all aspects of fabrication, as well as showcased the ability to overcome a variety of obstacles.

A few of the firsts:

  • The first ABS certified fabricated piles from our Morgan City yard
  • The first use of the new can roller, rather than sub-contracting out the work
  • The procurement and first use of the new 600 ton crane
  • Load-out of a 400 ft. x 100 ft. barge at our slip

And obstacles:

  • An anchor location change requiring a slow-down of fabrication to confirm the impact of the new location to the design of the pile.
  • An update to the fatigue data, requiring a change from a fabricated padeye to a cast padeye from Vulcan Sheffield ForgeMasters in Sheffield, England.
  • Updates to fabrication procedures in order to continue to meet the high standards expected of a leading mooring, foundations, and subsea service provider.

On October 22, 2013, the Williams piles departed the InterMoor slip, completing nearly two years of work for the Houston and Morgan City locations.  Resulting from the dedicated efforts of its employees, InterMoor completed the job with enough time for an installation prior to the hull departure.

Throughout the project, InterMoor grew; adding equipment and personnel, refining processes and procedures, and developing new company standards and tracking systems to allow us to achieve production of larger fabrication jobs and overcome the learning curve embodied by the Williams project.  These were all great strides in improving our production facility capabilities, and proof that InterMoor is ready for large capacity fabrication projects.

Although InterMoor can celebrate a job well done in Williams, the next big job has already begun.  The fabrication and installation of 12 piles with DNV classification for Delta House is underway, with engineering refining the design, and steel plates arriving in Morgan City. InterMoor is looking forward to proving ourselves once again.

  • Pile Fabrication
    Pile Fabrication
  • Pile load-out
    Pile load-out
  • Pile Head
    Pile Head

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