Suction Pile Design & Installation

Suction Pile Design
  • Suction Pile Design
  • LLOG Delta House Pile Installation
  • St Malo pile Fabrication
  • Launch

InterMoor pioneered the design of suction piles for use as deepwater mooring anchors in the 1990s and we have continually improved our designs and techniques since. We also provide suction pile solutions for PLETs, subsea manifolds, pump stations and pipeline initiations.

InterMoor provides:
  • Complete lifecycle management (design, regulatory approval, procurement, fabrication, installation and removal).
  • Unique breadth of experience: more than 150 suction piles currently in service.
  • Integrated geotechnical and structural design: reduced risk of soil uncertainties. 
  • Constant innovation.
As of Q4 2016, InterMoor has designed hundreds of suction piles and fabricated close to 80, for some of the most complex projects - Heidelberg, Thunder Hawk, Jack St Malo, GulfStar, Delta House, Julia...


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