Shore Base Services

UK yard
  • UK yard
  • Reel lift 2
  • Reel lift 3
  • Rell lift
  • Crane
  • Fourchon aerial
  • Morgan City yard
  • Mongstad Base

Global facilities

With shore base services available worldwide, InterMoor can provide needed service in a hurry.
InterMoor has facilities in the United States, West Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Norway and the United Kingdom to meet your needs.

Load out services are provided from our facilities utilizing InterMoor’s own experienced personnel. Logistic services are also offered to help ensure a client’s project is completed in as efficient and timely manner as possible.

- OCTOBER 2016 - IOS InterMoor announced the opening of its new mooring base in Fensfjord, Norway near Bergen. See press release in right hand column

- SEPTEMBER 2014 - InterMoor opened a major new storage, maintenance and inspection facility in Aberdeen, UK in September 2014. The new base – on  a three-acre site with a warehouse, 20 permanent onsite staff and a multi-million pound mooring inventory – will support InterMoor’s global mooring operations with a focus on Europe, Africa and Asia.

- JUNE 2014 - InterMoor do Brasil opened its new shore base at the new Industrial Complex of Açu Superport located in São João da Barra in northern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

- SPRING 2013 - IOS InterMoor added a base in the Arctic (Hammerfest).

U.S. bases

InterMoor’s ISO 9001:2008 certified U.S. shore base facilities are located right on the Gulf of Mexico allowing for easy access to all major U.S. and international shipping ports.


  • 25 acres
  • 1,200 ft of Bulkhead with Water Depth of 24 ft
  • 880 Ton Crane with 300 ft Main Boom, 120 ft Jib
  • 230-ton Crane
  • 200 Ton Crane with 100 ft Main Boom
  • 6,000 – 62,000 lb Forklifts
  • 3,000,000 lb Test Bed for Rigging and Marine Supply Testing
  • Wire and Chain Inspection
  • Spooling Units
  • Mooring Equipment Storage
  • Riser Maintenance and Storage
  • 24/7 CCTV Monitored Secured Facility
  • Homeland Security Approved


  • 34 acres
  • 1,290 ft of Bulkhead with Water Depth of 12 ft
  • 397,800 sq ft In-house Storage
  • 337,800 sq ft Rental Space
  • 25,000 sq ft Fabrication Shop Space
  • 2,400 sq ft Indoor Warehousing
  • 100 ft x 200 ft Blast and Paint Yard
  • 225 Ton, 300 Ton and 600 Ton Cranes
  • Forklift Capabilities up to 65,000 lbs
  • 40 ft Manlift
  • Dock Side Load Outs
  • Spool and Inspection of Wire Rope and Socket Pouring


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