Hess Ceiba Preset Engineering and Installation


Region: Ceiba Field, Offshore Equatorial Guinea
Water Depth: 1,188 ft to 2,631 ft (363 m to 802 m)
Operating vessel: Ocean Valiant, AHTS Vessels


Mooring designs, engineering procedures, mooring equipment, and offshore services for
the Hess Ceiba Field drilling operations which allowed Hess to access numerous wells at
seven (7) separate drill centers.


For this project, InterMoor was responsible for the design and installation of mooring
systems at all seven (7) mooring centers. InterMoor worked extensively with Hess to
develop a rig move campaign that was safe for all operations, but also reduced the total
downtime for the MODU as much as possible when moving from one location to the next.


The main challenge for this preset campaign was the congested subsea infrastructure
(pipelines, umbilicals, ect.) at each drilling center due to the close proximity of the Hess
Sendje Ceiba FPSO. The subsea infrastructure was heavily considered during the design
phase of the project, as well as, the operational phase of the project.


To successfully complete the job, two (2) preset mooring systems were used to reduce
the down time associated with moving the Ocean Valiant from one location to the next.
One entire preset mooring system was comprised of InterMoor equipment, and the
other preset mooring system was comprised of InterMoor and DODI MODU equipment.
InterMoor utilized as much DODI MODU equipment as possible to reduce the rental and
shipping cost of the second mooring system.


Numerous AHTS vessels were used to perform the preset, hookup, disconnect and rig move
operations for the Ocean Valiant at each location.


The preset mooring campaign for the Ocean Valiant was safely and successfully
competed after two (2) years of operations. InterMoor installed 56 mooring lines over
the rig move campaign with zero subsea or personnel incidents.

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