Plan your Next Rig Move in the Gulf of Mexico

MoorVision mooring positioning interface

When an operating company wants to drill a well with a moored mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), the first step is to secure a permit. Part of that process is to evaluate the risk of damaging infrastructure in the area. While this sounds like a straightforward proposition, it can become labor intensive and time consuming because of the difficulty in obtaining accurate well, pipeline, and platform production data.

To facilitate and improve this process, InterMoor has developed a software system, MoorVision, which can access publicly available information from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and provide a visual understanding of the infrastructure within any defined area in the GoM.

MoorVision generates Google Earth files that display a portion of the information available. The Google Earth files show infrastructure within a 15-nautical-mile radius of any location.

MoorVision is

- An easy-to-use interface

- A collaborative view on risk assessment to allows you to

  • Query the BOEM Public Domain Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure Database
  • Collect and compile infrastructure data (including well production, pipelines flowrates,  reported metering rates) within a 15-mile radius
  • Generate an infrastructure data list
  • Generate a Google Earth Vizualization file

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