Wire Mooring Rope

Wire rope, which consists of a number of individual wires helically around a core, is a versatile piece of mooring equipment. It can be used to transmit motion, guide, tie down, hold back, counterbalance, lift or many other mooring tasks. Another benefit of wire rope is that is has a long life and needs little maintenance.

InterMoor offers varying sizes and configurations for wire rope. All wire ropes have an independent wire rope core (IWRC) of the highest quality grade and meet all requirements necessary to perform in the offshore industry.

Termination connections also are available in various sizes to accommodate any size of mooring components.

All wire rope components are certified and approved for use offshore by facilities managers.

  • Wire Rope
    Wire Rope
  • CR Socket
    CR Socket
  • Closed Spelter Socket
    Closed Spelter Socket
  • Heavy Duty Thimbles
    Heavy Duty Thimbles
  • Open Spelter Socket
    Open Spelter Socket

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