Offshore Anchors

The mooring and anchor or foundation design used for mooring systems and subsea equipment plays a very important role in the lifecycle of a project or drilling operation.

Anchor Types

Consequently, InterMoor offers a wide variety of mooring, anchor and foundation solutions to meet each project's needs and requirements. InterMoor offers wire, polyester, spectra, anchor chain, mooring buoys, back down buoys, high holding power drag embedment anchors, its patented Suction Embedded Plate Anchor (SEPLA), driven piles, suction installed piles and torpedo piles.

Anchor Descriptions

InterMoor offers a wide range of proven anchors to choose from to satisfy any mooring need. All of the mooring equipment InterMoor offers has tested and has performed exceptionally in various climates and environments to secure a client’s investment. Following is a brief summary on anchor types and specific uses.

The Stevpris New Generation accommodates the widest range of soils possible and its holding power is more than 30 percent higher than any other existing drag anchor.

Stevpris Mk 5 is easy to handle, install and retrieve and is used to secure semi-submersible rigs and permanent installations.

The Stevshark Mk 5 does well in hard soils such as limestone, calcarenite, very dense sands and coral.

The Stevmanta Vertical Loaded Anchor (VLA) allows uplift at the anchor point, which is a requirement in semi-taut and taut leg mooring systems.

The Stevin Mk 3 was the original anchor design for Vryhof and outperformed all existing anchors at the time of its inception.

The Bruce Mk 4 Twin Shank offers a choice of fluke angles for superior holding power in all types of seabeds. It also has self-righting ability, even when it lands upside down.

The Flipper Delta has an open construction for smooth penetration in different kinds of soil and no rotation, which means no decrease of holding capacity and no dragging of the anchor.

AC14 is a high holding power type stockless anchor that can be used successfully in a variety of soils.

Byres is a conventional type stockless anchor with proven past record.

The Hall is the most commonly used conventional shackles ship anchor available.

Lightweight (LWT) has a hook head that forces the flukes to dig into the soil quickly and offers high holding power. It works well in both mud and sand.

Danforth is used for boats up to 27 ft. The I-beam fluke construction provides exceptional holding power.

SEPLA Anchors

When InterMoor introduced its patented SEPLA in 1997, it was a revolutionary concept for deepwater moorings. The combination of two proven anchoring concepts (i.e., suction installed piles and plate anchors capable of resisting vertical loads) to increase the accuracy of anchor positioning and burial depth for pre-set moorings gave the industry a way of realizing the holding capacity of a suction installed anchor pile without the higher cost.

SEPLA anchors are more geotechnically efficient than the suction piles that are commonly used to withstand vertical loads. The SEPLA plate anchor is fully embedded in deeper, higher strength soil layers with all components actively resisting the mooring loads. On the other hand, a large part of a suction pile's structure is in shallower, weaker soils and does not contribute much to the holding capacity.

Today, that pioneering concept is proving its remarkable value in deepwater permanent and temporary mooring solutions around the world. SEPLA anchors are safely securing floating structures from the Gulf of Mexico to West Africa and the Far East. More on the SEPLA.

Torpedo Anchors

Torpedo piles, essentially gravity-embedded cylindrically-shaped projectiles, are used to anchor deepwater flowlines and facilities offshore. Torpedo piles typically range in size form 24 to 98 tons, and the largest torpedo pile can provide an anchor-holding capacity of up to 1,000 tons.

  • Stevpris New Generation
    Stevpris New Generation
  • Stevpris Mk 5
    Stevpris Mk 5
  • Stevshark Mk 5
    Stevshark Mk 5
  • Stevmanta VLA
    Stevmanta VLA
  • Stevin Mk 3
    Stevin Mk 3
  • Bruce Mk 4 Twin Shank
    Bruce Mk 4 Twin Shank
  • Flipper Delta
    Flipper Delta
  • AC14
  • Byres
  • Hall
  • Lightweight (LWT)
    Lightweight (LWT)
  • Danforth

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