Mooring Chains

InterMoor provides commercial quality offshore mooring chain that meets the specifications and standards for all offshore work. InterMoor offers oil rig quality (ORQ), K4, R4 and R5 chain.

Using the proper mooring line – whether mooring wire, mooring rope or mooring chain – is a crucial part of a mooring system. The mooring line, which is attached to an anchor and connectors, protects offshore drilling operations from movement due to wind, waves and other potential hazards.

InterMoor offers a common link, and it has a welded studded link that has shown a 10 percent increase in break strength capabilities. A common studless link also is available, which helps reduce weight in a mooring system.

  • Common Link
    Common Link
  • 5 Common Link Length
    5 Common Link Length
  • Common Studless Link
    Common Studless Link
  • 3 Link Adapter
    3 Link Adapter
  • 5 Link Adapter
    5 Link Adapter
  • Enlarged Link
    Enlarged Link

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