Inter-M Swivel Mooring Swivel

The Inter-M® Swivel is a multi-purpose mooring swivel that can join chains of the same or dissimilar sizes together allowing for 360° rotational freedom while under tension.

Inter-M Assembly

Connecting directly into studless or common stud-link chain, the swivel does not require any
kenters or joining shackles. This is not only an economical advantage but also a time saving hook-up benefit.
The assembly of mooring equipment on the back-deck is time-critical and the Inter-M Swivel reduces the number of connections in the system while still providing rotational freedom for assembly, anchor manipulation, wire or chain twist and overall torsional control.

Inter-M Advantages

Using InterMoor’s knowledge of Long Term Mooring (LTM) connectors and extensive experience with H-Link and shackle manufacturing, the Inter-M Swivel combines technologies that have been introduced on deepwater and general chain-to-chain connectors.
These technological advances allow the Inter-M Swivel to be a cutting edge, deeper water, longer-term mooring swivel that complements the chain grades being installed or recovered.

Inter-M Quality

Each Inter-M Swivel is proof load tested to the chain grade loads and 1 in every 25 are taken to extreme break loads to ensure they are entirely fit for purpose. 
The 76mm R4 Inter-M Swivel is proof load (PL) tested to 4731kN (1064 kips) and break load (MBL) tested to 8000kN (1799 kips).
  • Inter-M Swivel
    Inter-M Swivel

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