Grapnels and Chasers

InterMoor provides the necessary grapnels and chasers to efficiently complete a mooring project. Grapnels and chasers, generally used in the recovery of anchors and mooring lines, are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your need for conventional and pre-set mooring systems.

Specific uses are provided below of when the following products should be used. A mooring installation expert at InterMoor can provide additional guidance of the proper tool to use in a mooring recovery operation.

Chain and Wire Grapnel Hooks are used during the recovery of a fallen component offshore. The grapnel hook is a brute force tool that is designed to fully engage a component lying on the seafloor for recovery.

J Chain Chasers allow for steady and controlled lowering and raising motions during installation and recovery of preset mooring systems where subsea architecture must be avoided.

The J Lock Chaser is designed to lock components into a slit, preventing slippage and in turn minimizing damage to the chain during operations.

Chain Chasers are used for installing and recovering conventional mooring systems.

All InterMoor grapnels and chasers have the highest quality rating. 

  • Chain Grapnel Hook 150 & 250Te SWL
    Chain Grapnel Hook 150 & 250Te SWL
  • Wire Grapnel Hook 150 & 250Te SWL
    Wire Grapnel Hook 150 & 250Te SWL
  • IMS J-Lock Chaser
    IMS J-Lock Chaser
  • IMS Dual Chaser (DC)
    IMS Dual Chaser (DC)
  • Bruce Ring Chaser
    Bruce Ring Chaser
  • IMS J Chain Chaser (JCC)
    IMS J Chain Chaser (JCC)
  • IMS J-Chain Chaser T3 (JCC)
    IMS J-Chain Chaser T3 (JCC)
  • IMS Chaser Stopper
    IMS Chaser Stopper
  • IMS Permanent Chain Chaser (PCC)
    IMS Permanent Chain Chaser (PCC)

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