Cold Stacking

Orcaflex Engineering for cold stacking
  • Orcaflex Engineering for cold stacking
  • Cold stacked drillship
  • Triplate install
  • Setting anchor for cold stacking
Relying on their expertise as the global leader in mooring solutions, InterMoor has devised complete and dependable solutions to moor dynamically-positioned drillships and semi-subs, especially for scenarios where they may be unmanned. InterMoor’s designs are engineered solutions based on weather criteria and client specifications for specific locations.
• Assessment
• System design

• Operational procedures

• Project management

• Procurement

• Offshore installation

• Inspection & maintenance


• More cost-effective and environmentally friendlier alternative to keeping the rig on DP

• Fast turnaround to design, procure, install and disconnect for reactivation

• Robust design for enhanced station-keeping

• Additional cost savings can typically be achieved when stacking several rigs under one campaign


Cost Benefits for DP Floaters (source: Integrated Rig Stacking Solutions LLC)

Assumptions – Warm Stacking
$  50,000/day per rig

Over 24 months:

- Cost of rig if warm stacked over 24 months: $36.5M/rig
- Cost of rig if cold stacked over 24 months: $20.6M/rig
- Cost of rig if cold stacked over 24 months (2 rigs): $14.0M/rig
- Cost of rig if cold stacked over 24 months (4 rigs): $10.7M/rig


The most recent systems designed by our engineering team, and installed offshore Trinidad and offshore Malaysia, used a tri-leg mooring system. They were developed to withstand severe storms. The systems are being used to secure the ships in a sheltered shallow water location and allows them to weathervane.

InterMoor also offers maintenance and inspection services and emergency contingency procedures.

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