Northern Producer Line Changeout and Inspection

InterMoor UK were contracted by EnQuest / Northern Offshore to perform an inspection of the mooring system for the Northern Producer FPU and the replacement of two top chains and 190m of fibre rope sections on each of the eight mooring lines.  The new fibre ropes and connecting links were supplied by InterMoor on behalf of Northern Offshore and the offshore operations for the replacement and inspection works were performed by InterMoor on behalf of EnQuest.  The work scope included:

  • Recovery of the moorings to the back deck of the AHV (excluding anchors)
  • Full inspection of the mooring chain and components on the back deck
  • Replacement of top chain on two lines and end for end on remaining six lines
  • Removal and replacement of 190m x 160mm polyester sections on all mooring lines
  • Chain twist removal

Work was managed through InterMoor UK covering the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Detailed recovery and deployment analysis for the mooring lines
  • Development of the operational procedures
  • Supply of personnel and offshore management on board the Siem Opal for the inspection works
  • Supply of equipment (both permanent mooring equipment and project rigging)
  • Supply of survey and positioning equipment and personnel on board the FPU and AHV
  • Offshore inspection of chain and connecting links
  • Post job report and as built documentation

Inspection works were conducted by ChainCo utilised as part of the project team.

The operation was successfully carried out with no incidents allowing the FPU to stay in production throughout

  • Northern Producer
    Northern Producer
  • Northern Producer Chain ChangeOut
    Northern Producer Chain ChangeOut
  • Northern Producer Chain Inspection
    Northern Producer Chain Inspection

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