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ChainCo: Automated Chain Inspection Service

ChainCo (InterMoor's mooring chain inspection brand) offers a worldwide service with specialist work including semi-submersible oil rigs, floating production units, vessel and offshore installations, all chain grades and sizes, under all classifications. It also provides mooring chain certification and re-certification, repair and upgrades of heavy duty mooring systems. ChainCo’s solid capabilities include:

  • Purpose-built mobile offshore chain inspection units that it owns and operates.
  • A highly experienced and motivated team of senior surveyors and chain inspectors working to DNV, ABS and Lloyds standards.
  • Credited with a Manufacturer Survey Agreement (MSA), allowing ChainCo to work independently under DNV rules.
  • Guarantees to have all documentation and certification returned to the client within 5 working days of job completion.
  • Deployed to any given location within 24 hours.
  • Ensures customers receive an integrated solutions package which is second to none.

Recent upgrades / repairs on FPSOs include:

- Northern Producer Line ChangeOut and Inspection
- Zafiro Producer (EG): Replacement of old mooring chains and wire ropes for 9 of the 12 mooring lines along with 2 drag anchors. Read more here
- Armada Perkasa (Nigeria): Top chain replacement of all ten (10) mooring lines
- Hummingbird Spirit (North Sea): chain mooring management, SPS inspection and chain handling new and old, NDT H-shackles
- Esso Balder (North Sea): dimension control and visual inspection.
- Gryphon (North Sea):chain mooring management, SPS inspection and chain handling new and old
- Knarr (North Sea): Chain and H-shackle NDT inspection


US Capabilities: Renewal Survey Examination of Mooring Chain Intended for Mobile Offshore Units.

InterMoor Inc. has extended its capabilities and service range by becoming the first US-based company to achieve certification under Det Norske Veritas (DNV) 413: Service Suppliers Engaged in Renewal Survey Examination of Mooring Chain Intended for Mobile Offshore Units. This means that InterMoor Inc. can now inspect, certify and recertify mooring chains and related components such as connecting links and wire rope for mobile offshore units that have or will have DNV classification (DNV-OSS-101 and 102). There is also scope to include water blasting of chain and non-destructive testing.

InterMoor’s Inspections Group provides inspection and testing services to both internal and external parties, as needed. The Inspections Group currently has both NDE and Level II mooring and rigging DNV-certified inspectors on staff with a wide range of skills to provide the quality of service needed to ensure the inspections are carried out efficiently, as requested. 

The Inspections Group’s offerings include:

·         Inspection of Mooring Equipment, including anchors, shackles, and other jewelry:

o   Visual inspection of the anchors for out-of-plane bending, missing structural pieces, and broken welds.
o   Magnetic Particle Inspection of all welded areas.

·         Wire Rope and Tow Wire Inspections:

o   Visual inspection of wire rope for broken wires at the termination, distributed broken wires, change in rope diameter, wear, corrosion, core deterioration, bird caging, weld or heat damage, and main strand displacement.
o   Pull test of sample to destruction

·         Mooring Chain Inspections:

o   Visual inspection of the chain links for missing studs, bent links, corrosion, sharp gouges, loose studs, cracks, worn areas, and elongation.
o   Sample Magnetic Particle Inspection for indications and imperfections of the steel structure which could cause failure.
o   Break load test

·         Proof and Break Load testing of various types of equipment

o   3,000,000 pound test bed located only minutes from the Gulf of Mexico within InterMoor’s Fourchon shore base. The test bed is certified to pull up to 3,000,000 lbs. with 220’ of bed length and an 11’ stroke.

·         Vessel Inspections

o   On-hire / Off-hire Marine Surveys
o   Fuel Transfer Surveys: qualified inspectors, holding Master Mariner licenses, witness fuel bunkerings and provide reconciliation reports
o   Vessel Readiness Inspections


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