Well Intel


Wellintel is a bespoke decommissioning consultancy service designed to assist operators with the preparation required prior to entering into a decommissioning program.

This can include sourcing and reviewing well-specific data, and the completion and submission of regulatory documentation, thereby allowing operators to focus on their core business activities whilst retaining the flexibility to join a multi-operator campaign at short notice.

Wellintel is delivered by our highly experienced in-house well abandonment team. This is the same team that manages our rigless well abandonment campaign meaning, in the event our team is ultimately engaged to perform offshore abandonment activities for a wellintel client, there will be continuity of key personnel throughout the entire process thereby maximising efficiency.

Well Data Review

OIS source and review the available well-specific data, such as End of Well Reports (EOWR), well status diagrams and well categorisation documentation (in accordance with O&G UK guidelines) to establish which assets have reached COP (Cessation of Production) and identify those which may be suitable for vessel-based abandonment.


Regulatory Preparation

InterMoor also support operators in preparing the regulatory documentation required for submission to DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) and the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). Securing the necessary permits can be time consuming so completing the exercise early gives operators the flexibility to respond to an opportunity to participate in a commercially efficient multi-operator well abandonment campaign at short notice.

Regulatory submissions include:

  • Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
  • Application to Abandon a Well
  • Permit to use/discharge chemicals during well abandonment
  • Marine Coastal Access Act License
  • HSE Notification


WellIntel Cost Recovery

In the event that the wellintel service identifies suspended assets suitable for rigless abandonment, then our team is able to provide a, fully integrated decommissioning solution including:

  • Vessel charter and marine management
  • Equipment and personnel
  • Full offshore and onshore project management

Further, Wellintel clients who subsequently engage our specialists to perform the offshore decommissioning activities within 18 months shall be entitled to deduct the wellintel charges from the Onshore Project Management and Engineering Lump Sum Charge associated with the rigless abandonment.

Note: This service does not alleviate the requirement for an operator to source independent well examiner reports for the assets in question if this has not already been done.

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