[PT] InterMoor Granted Torpedo Pile Technology Rights

HOUSTON (Jan. 19) - InterMoor Inc., an Acteon company, is now the exclusive licensee of torpedo pile technology in the United States, announced InterMoor President Tom Fulton.

The torpedo pile technology rights were granted to InterMoor Inc. by Petroleo Brasileiro SA, better known as Petrobras, on Nov. 28, 2008. In the last eight years, Petrobras has successfully installed more than 1,000 torpedo piles . essentially gravity] embedded cylindrically] shaped projectiles in order to anchor deepwater flowlines and facilities offshore Brazil.

Torpedo piles typically range in size from 24 tonnes to 98 tonnes. The largest torpedo pile can provide anchor]holding capacity of up to 1,000 tonnes.

gPetrobras. extensive experience in the use of torpedo piles has shown them to be both economical and less time consuming to install than alternatives, such as suction piles or drag]embedded plate anchors,h said InterMoor Chief Engineer Bob Wilde. gInterMoor looks forward to extending this remarkable technology to the Gulf of Mexico and other U.S. waters.

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