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InterMoor has extensive experience in anchor design and offshore foundation design for moorings (including mooring over pipelines) and subsea equipment applications. We take a practical, experience-based approach to develop foundation solutions that are robust, easy to fabricate and installation friendly.

Foundation Experience

PROJECT: Mad Dog 2
YEAR: 2018
APPLICATION: Design & Fabrication of 4 Manifold Piles 20' OD x 65' Long
CLIENT: Subsea 7
PROJECT: Shell Stones
YEAR: 2016
APPLICATION: ALM pile 32'x 55'
CLIENT: Anadarko
PROJECT: Heidelberg
YEAR: 2015
APPLICATION: Suction Piles for flow line and riser holdback:12′-9″ x 65′ Long.
PROJECT: Parque das Conchas BC-10
YEAR: 2012
APPLICATION: Phase 2-5 Manifold Foundation Conductors: 48" x 200' Long
CLIENT: Petrobras
PROJECT: Papa Terra
YEAR: 2012
APPLICATION: 17 Well Conductors 36" x 187' Long
CLIENT: FMC Technologies
PROJECT: Mad Dog 2
YEAR: 2012
APPLICATION: Manifold foundation
PROJECT: Tamar Project
YEAR: 2012
APPLICATION: Foundation Piles: 18’ x 43’ Long; 18’m x 72’ Long
CLIENT: Williams
PROJECT: Gulfstar One Project (Tubular Bells)
YEAR: 2012
APPLICATION: Mooring Suction Piles: 16’ x 88’ Long

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