Quality, it’s a nifty word, and we are all about using that word to sell you some product or service that has our name associated with it.

You have demanding work to do, and our company with its quality this and quality that will be there to make your project risk free and help you shine in front of all your stakeholders.

Sound like a something you may have seen in a flyer or e-mail ad in your spam folder?

It would be nice to think there was some magic bullet to eliminating all the risk from a project and see everything go off without a glitch. But the reality is that the offshore environment the oil and gas industry operates in has a lot of variables, only some of which can be controlled. Production delays cost real money, and the ones caused by mother nature and her weather patterns are bad enough. When they are caused by faulty equipment, material failures or just plain bad planning, they are inexcusable.

At InterMoor, we have been mooring production systems for over twenty years. From the design and fabrication of systems and equipment, to being on the back deck installing it. We have seen and overcome just about every type of difficulty that can be encountered. It is in fact, those difficulties that forced us very early on to pursue a focused quality system.

Long before ISO 9001 became integrated into our industry, we understood and used the tools embedded in it. We have long been organized as a customer focused company, driven by controlled processes that are constantly measured, audited and updated, to match the needs of our clients and the environment we work in.

We design our equipment and methodologies in accordance with proven, accepted industry standards. We use certified materials and qualified processes to manufacture systems for both our clients, and ourselves. And we use proactive risk elimination or mitigation strategies to minimize any unplanned events. But the most important thing we do, is maintain a continuous feedback loop to measure our accomplishments, identify our failures, and learn from them.

We aren’t perfect, and we have never claimed to be. But if we run into a challenge, we don’t just overcome it. We identify what caused it in the first place and we implement process changes to prevent it from happening in the future. You can’t do this if your company doesn’t have repeatable processes that are controlled, and that is the cornerstone that sets us apart.

Everyone in our industry has smart people working for them. And we all have that person who has seen and done everything. But do you want your production system and delivery services that have stakeholders waiting on startup, depending on those specific people to always be in the right place at the right time? Or perhaps you would rather trust in a company with a proven, dependable “system”, that is designed to prevent mishaps and keep getting better all the time.

By Michael Covello, PMP