Tom Bauer, General Manager, Foundations

Tom Bauer, General Manager, Foundations

After earning his BS in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1991, Tom has worked for Omega Marine, Aker Maritime and KBR / Brown & Root as a Naval Architect and Structural Engineer. He joined InterMoor in 2006 and is the General Manager, Foundations.

  • What is your role at InterMoor?

I oversee the Foundations business line.  At InterMoor, Foundations mean anchors, piles and mudmats. As the industry has moved in to deep water and ultra deep water, more equipment is being put on the seafloor and subsea foundations have become a large part of our business.
I perform a variety of tasks, getting involved with Engineering, Fabrication, Proposals and Business Development.


  • What does your group do?

We have an engineering group that designs suction and driven piles, and also specializes in installation aides and custom mooring components.  They are a mixture of Mechanical and Structural Engineers and because we also fabricate and install our products they inject real world experience into their designs.
Our fabrication group in Morgan City, LA is mostly known for suction piles, but they are also experts in templates, buoys, custom mooring connectors, anchor repair, and general steel fabrication.  Some of those guys in the shop have been with InterMoor and its predecessors for over 20 years, so they bring a huge amount of experience as well.


  • What is your most interesting project so far?

It’s hard to pick just one.  The most interesting projects for me are the ones where we get a chance to produce something that makes operations safer or easier for the folks doing the work offshore.  Of course it’s always inspiring to think about the huge scale of the vessels and equipment we support and the industry’s ability to do it in water nearly two miles deep.


  • How do you ensure each project is successful?

Understanding the client’s needs and turning that into clear goals for the team is crucial to any project’s success. Each project has its own challenges, be it soil conditions or installation vessel capabilities or simply timing. That’s where InterMoor’s culture of innovation and out of the box thinking are extremely valuable.  Because we cover the full life cycle – design, fabrication, installation and decommissioning – I can engage folks with experience in all of these areas just by dialing an extension.


  • What do you like the most at InterMoor?
    We have a great culture of innovation. And we have a history of finding ways to do more with less.  It’s very satisfying to see our ideas and efforts turn into successes offshore.