UKCS Co-ordinates Conversion App

UKCS Co-ordinates Conversion App

The InterMoor UK Survey and Rig Positioning team is pleased to announce the launch of a new co-ordinate conversion app. The UKCS Co-ordinate Conversion app is a handy tool that can transform co-ordinates between ED50 and WGS84 datums (using UKOOA parameters) and convert between Lat/Long and UTM Easting/Northings.

The app also does range and bearing calculations. It is currently limited to zones relevant to the UK continental shelf where InterMoor is a market leader in rig positioning. The app has a simple, flexible and intuitive interface making it very quick to check co-ordinate calculations.  Installed on a smartphone, this allows co-ordinate checks to be done anywhere on-the-go without having to be near a PC or having to start up dedicated and expensive co-ordinate conversion software.

The app also calculates ranges and bearings between two points on both the projected grid and on the true surface of the ellipsoid.

It is designed primarily for use offshore the UK, in UTM Zones 30N and 31N and has support for the special zone TM 0N with Central Meridian 0°.

While it was initially developed for in-house use for our offshore surveyors and project managers, InterMoor has decided to make it available free for all to download and use. It is a little gift from InterMoor to the industry to display InterMoor’s dedication to helping the industry align with increased efficiency demands and to offer clever solutions to old problems.

The app is available


 If you have a portable device and need to work with UTM and Geographic co-ordinates in the UKCS then give it a try!


UKCS Co-ordinates conversion App - Screenshot

UKCS Co-ordinates conversion App – Screenshot