Mayank Dixit

Mayank Dixit

After earning a Master of Technology & Bachelors of Technology (Honours) in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, India, Mayank started working in the Deepwater Technology Group, at Keppel Offshore & Marine. Mayank started working with InterMoor Pte in Singapore in 2011 and has since served in a variety of roles including Project Manager, Senior Naval Architect, Lead Engineer, and Project Engineer. Mayank has a work experience of more than 7 years.

  • What is your role at InterMoor? In my role as Project Manager, I ensure safe, efficient, and smooth conduct of the project and maintaining industrial best practices. I am responsible for the management & coordination of the project from concept to commissioning.In my role as a Senior Naval Architect, I coordinate onshore & offshore technical work, which includes client interface, overseeing and conducting of hydrodynamic & mooring analysis work on a variety of projects. I also work on a variety of the other tasks such as Business Development, framing proposals, Mooring Designs & Analysis, and Offshore Operations Planning.


  • What does your group do? Our engineering/project group works on all phases of the engineering/operations throughout the project.  In engineering, we cover scope from detailed design work to offshore operation and implementation. In project operations, work scope and planning covers all steps & sub-steps of the operations with close monitoring, and as far as practically possible, safe smooth and efficient execution. Our engineering/project group for technical work comprises of Naval Architects, Ocean and Structural Engineers who have a strong background in both analysis and offshore operations. Our project management team comprises of project managers & senior project engineers with vast experience in executing projects of complexity & greater magnitude.


  • What is your most interesting project so far? Something that was very interesting or rather I’d say challenging was managing the nearshore commissioning scope for the Malikai TLP project. What made it different from other projects I have handled so far was its wide scope of work and the large number of interlinked interfaces, making it one of the most complex projects I have worked on. The project was completed successfully, with encouraging and highly regarded feedback from the client. Our Singapore team managed to overcome various challenges with dedication, enthusiasm and foresightedness.


  • How do you ensure each project is successful? Understanding clients’ requirements and goals for a particular project plays the most crucial role in the success of a project.  Every job comes with a new set of challenges, and these challenges need to be addressed promptly and at the same time, without affecting the end result. Comprehensive planning, the right attitude, team players, real time efficient communication within the team to meet expectations/scope/milestones are the keys to a project’s success. The cooperation between team members and the assignment of the right job to the right person plays an important role in the success of the project as well.


  • What do you like the most at InterMoor? Working as a team with experienced business professionals, in a friendly encouraging environment.