Kenny Zerangue, Fabrication Manager

Kenny Zerangue

Kenny joined InterMoor in 1997. He has since served in a variety of roles at InterMoor which include shop foreman, assistant fabrication manager and fabrication manager.  Prior to InterMoor, he worked for Conrad’s, and Kidder a Fitter/Welder having over 25 years of experience in fitting/welding, reading blue prints, and Auto Cad.


  • What is your role at InterMoor?
    I oversee the fabrication group at InterMoor Inc. I am based in Morgan City, Louisiana. My duties consist of reviewing bids, schedules, budgets, as well as day to day operations in the shop to ensure safety, quality, and on time deliveries.


  • What does your group do?
    We work hand and hand with our engineers, and other oil field companies on various types of fabrication projects, like piles, mudmats, sleepers, jumpers and other pieces of subsea equipment.


  • What is your most interesting project so far?
    To date it is the Exxon Julia project because the four suction piles where 20ft. diameter and the longest one was 100ft. long, by far the largest project for us. But we are currently building an ALM pile for a large project in the Gulf of Mexico and with a 32ft. diameter, it may well become one of the largest piles ever installed in the Gulf of Mexico and one of the most interesting fabrication projects for us.


  • How do you ensure each project is successful?
    I make sure to work with my Fab group hand in hand to have a good understanding of the job required. That includes holding weekly internal fab meetings to discuss ongoing jobs, schedules, concerns, and working through any kind of issues that may arise.


  • What do you like the most at InterMoor?
    I really enjoy coming to work every morning. We have an excellent turnover rate here in the Fab group. Most of us have been together for 18 plus years so it is more like a family when we walk thru them gates in the morning and evening instead of just another job. So everyone from top to bottom in Fab has the same goal to keep each other safe and put out the best product possible and on time.