Blake Allen B&W

Blake Allen

After earning his BS in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2007, Blake joined InterMoor out of school as an engineer and worked both in the office and offshore.  He has since served in a variety of roles at InterMoor which include Project Engineer, Temporary Mooring Group Coordinator and Temporary Mooring Group Supervisor.

  • What is your role at InterMoor?
    I oversee the engineering group at InterMoor.  In this role I help coordinate onshore and offshore work, and ensure that InterMoor is properly staffed for our current and future work load.  Since our engineering group is asked to work on a variety of projects, I have to ensure our engineers have the proper training and expertise necessary for the projects they will be working on.
    I also help with a variety of the other tasks such as Business Development, Proposals, Mooring Designs, and Offshore Operations Planning.
  • What does your group do?
    Our engineering group works on all phases of the engineering throughout a project.  We work on projects from detailed design work through the offshore operation and implementation.  The engineering group is comprised of mostly Ocean and Structural Engineers who have a strong background in both analysis and offshore operations.  Most of our engineering group has spent time offshore learning how things operate in the offshore environment, which helps them as they perform analysis or develop procedures while they work on projects in the office.
    Our engineers also work closely with our operations group in Morgan City, LA.  Many of our operations personnel have spent 15 plus years working offshore on various operations, so they bring a huge amount of operational experience to our project teams.  The combination of the operational and engineering expertise allow us to deliver complex solutions that meet our client’s needs.
  • What is your most interesting project so far?
    I have worked on a lot of interesting things at InterMoor, but the hawser system design and installation between a tension leg wellhead platform (TLWP) and a tender assist drilling unit (TADU) was difficult and extremely satisfying once the system was operational.  We had to overcome a lot of challenges throughout the design and implementation of the system, and the overall concept of two very large offshore floating structures connected to each other with hawsers and operating within a relatively close proximity makes this type of project very interesting.
  • How do you ensure each project is successful?
    Really understanding our client’s requirements and goals for a particular project is crucial to the success of the project.  Each job presents the project team with a new set of challenges, and these challenges must be met with open minds that keep the client’s needs and goals in mind.  I think with our experience working throughout the life cycle of projects enables us to develop unique solutions that meet our client’s requirements.
  • What do you like the most at InterMoor?
    I really enjoy the overall culture at InterMoor, and the can do attitude we apply to the project we are working on.  We frequently find ways to perform operations with smaller vessels, which is challenging, but very satisfying once the project is completed safely and successfully.