An InterMoor crew just completed a project involving disconnecting two risers from a CALM buoy.

The CALM buoy risers were successfully disconnected, plugged and laid down on the seabed using an Anchor Handling Vessel.

The job took place in 384 m (1,260 ft.) of water.

For this job, InterMoor was responsible for developing engineering procedures, providing project management, and executing offshore work.

The InterMoor team worked very closely with the client, who was looking for alternative solutions in case reversing the original pull-in method for the risers was not feasible, considering the age of the asset.

As a result, InterMoor developed an alternative procedure to disconnect and laydown the risers.

InterMoor proposed the use of subsea riser clamps and Chinese Fingers to guide the riser end to the deck to install the plugs.

These clamps were designed by sister company 2H Offshore, under InterMoor’s supervision, and fabricated in InterMoor’s fabrication facility in Morgan City, La. InterMoor also procured and delivered Chinese fingers to ensure and achieve a safe and efficient operation.

The project was successfully completed on time, under budget and with zero incidents.

Calm buoy mooring system

InterMoor drew on its ability to innovate and customize its work to the client’s needs, and to provide Portuguese-speaking project manager and engineers as well as local support from their operations base in West Africa. This is another example of how InterMoor continues to expand its services of riser disconnect to allow for a more comprehensive life-of-field solution for its clients as a turnkey solution for decommissioning.

Riser Clamp