In a remarkable coincidence, both Drafting Managers in Houston and in Aberdeen celebrate 30 years with InterMoor this summer.

Colynn Gillespie

Colynn Gillespie

Colynn Gillespie, Drawing Office Manager started his employment with InterMoor Ltd nearly 10 years ago on 1st October 2007, however his association with the company and indeed anchor spreads date back much further than this.

Colynn started his career as an apprentice Draughtsman working in the Refractories industry in 1969.  From here he moved on to work within other industries gaining experience as he went.  One three-month contract turned into a 29-and-a-half-year career with Shell.

It was during this time that Colynn met Fred Shepherd. Fred was one of the founders of Trident Offshore Ltd – now InterMoor Ltd.  Fred and Colynn both lived in the same area of Aberdeen and would often meet for a drink at the Golden Tee pub where Fred would share his vision of the company he wanted to start and asked Colynn if he would consider doing the drawings for him to which Colynn agreed.  Colynn recalls the first office that Trident Offshore Ltd were based in on Regent Quay in Aberdeen and that it was above a pub.  Colynn said “in those days the nice thing about going to the Trident office was that you could go to the Yardarm pub below and take your pint upstairs with you”.

The first drawing Colynn was tasked with was a generic Aker H-3 rig anchor pattern – completed on 30th July 1987.  Colynn explained that a typical anchor pattern in those days would have taken one day to complete and any further changes would have taken another full day.  This is in stark contrast from today where an anchor pattern can be completed in an hour and any changes required can be carried out in 10 minutes.  Even though it was a steep learning curve for Colynn he rose to the challenge- learning to use the computer systems and is still to this day amazed by the time savings made due to the introduction of the computers.

During his career Colynn has built up a vast range of experience in the industry.  Reflecting on this time, Colynn stated that “it was a busy time as I was doing all of the drawings for Shell and Trident Offshore.  Trident had the contract at the time with most of the operators and I was working for Shell as well so there was no competition for me back then”.  In the first 22 years that Colynn was working with Trident on a contract basis he generated 6,700 new drawings and since being employed by InterMoor over the last 10 years there have been an additional 4,200 drawings generated by his department.  Colynn has over 70,000 drawing files and can find almost any file by memory.

“The job satisfaction that I have when at the end of the day there has been a tangible document produced that the client is happy with and will use is definitely the best part of my job” Colynn explained.

Mike Ledesma's 30 year award

Mike Ledesma’s 30 year award

Houston’s Drafting Manager Mike Ledesma is also celebrating 30 years with the InterMoor community and started as one of original group of 5 employees in February 1987, at 27 years old, as a technical illustrator/drafter and the company name was OMSI (Offshore Marine Services, Inc.). OMSI shared office space with Omega Marine, Inc. at the time. Mike recalls: “Working in affiliation with companies like Lazer, Inc. in LA. for our base port needs, Fritz Culver, Inc. for our early fabrication needs, plus having a close relationship with boat operators like Chouest for vessel charters, we had all the components in place to become the leading mooring installation contractors in the Gulf of Mexico within a span of only a few short years. This got the attention of Aker which was expanding into the U.S. market at the time and eventually lead to the acquisition of both OMSI and Omega Marine Inc. “

Since its Aker Marine days, it seems to a lot of us like Mike hasn’t left his office: he is famous for collecting piles of drawings on his desk and fake fish on his shelves. He also like to collect fast cars and guns. He remembers the days without computers and his artistic skills can still be seen on the old drawings that grace the walls of his office.

“To make it to 30 years and to be able to look back…. I feel that I’ve been truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to have worked with such talented individuals in such an exciting field. There are so many people I would wish to give thanks and credit for allowing me to have been part of this experience. And although our company names have seen many name changes over the years, without a doubt as a group we have ALWAYS strived to be the best at what we do. At the core, that mission has never changed!” said Mike.

InterMoor Ltd and InterMoor Inc. are very proud to have employees with such a wealth of experience and who still enjoy their jobs to this day as much as they did when they started and our management team would like to congratulate Colynn and Mike on the amazing achievement of 30 years of drawings.