InterMoor will present on “Acoustic Disconnect Latest Technological Improvements for Mooring Systems” at OCEANS 2018 Charleston | October 22-25, 2018

As the oil and gas industry continues to change and adapt to market conditions and with the associated down-turns in deep water offshore exploration and drilling campaigns, there are fewer drilling vessels available in the market and the vessels that are still working tend to be newer and more technologically advanced. As such, many of the working rigs are outfitted with thrusters and dynamic positioning (DP) systems to keep them on location in deep water drilling locations. However, while DP systems provide good station-keeping capability in deeper depths, it is often beneficial to augment a DP rig with mooring lines in shallow water locations. Since many of these shallow water locations experience harsh conditions (e.g., hurricanes and storms, extreme wind and wave conditions in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Canada, icebergs in Alaska, etc.) it is important to be able to quickly disconnect from the mooring system to avoid these environmental hazards or emulate the operational advantages of DP station keeping.

A review of existing quick disconnect devices will be presented.

A new type of acoustically operated mooring connector has been developed that can release under tension loads as high as 900 metric tonnes. Videos of ABS & DNV observed tests will be shown.

The presentation will cover its potential uses including rig moving and weather avoidance; product development and qualification program; and the integration of data and communication in an ABS & DNV qualified mooring device.