After successful operational trials over the last two months, InterMoor Marine Services, an Acteon company, is rolling out NavView navigation software for all rig move and other offshore positioning operations.

Built from the ground up and free of legacy code, NavView combines a state-of-the-art software and networking foundation with a fresh approach to real time positioning including awareness of 3D elements such as seafloor, subsea structures and features such as risers.

NavView is new generation positioning software developed by 4DNav of Houston, TX, U.S. The rig moving functionality of NavView is the result of more than two years of joint development effort, integrating InterMoor’s 20 years of rig positioning experience into the software specifications.

The result is a cutting edge rig move solution with added functionality such as real time catenary modelling and 3D display.  For the catenary modelling, NavView connects to an Orcaflex API engine that calculates the catenary shape of mooring lines in real time. Use of Orcaflex finite element calculations delivers an accurate and proven industry standard solution.

InterMoor is the only rig move service provider that has in house Survey competence as well as Mooring Analysis and Orcaflex competence. This combination of expertise has allowed InterMoor to spearhead the introduction of reliable and quality controlled real time catenary modelling.

Development of NavView functionality is continuing for rig moving and other applications and future capabilities will include remote monitoring and control and enhanced excursion monitoring/