InterMoor is making final preparations to deploy an Ocean Power Technologies PB3 Power Buoy for an offshore trial in the Huntington field for Premier Oil.

The project, which is also supported by the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has been ongoing since summer 2018 and represents a first of its kind deployment in the North Sea.

The buoy is configured to act as a exclusion zone monitoring system which communicates with shore in real time and generates all of the required power to do so from wave interaction.

InterMoor are providing and installing the mooring system before deploying and connecting the buoy to the 3-point arrangement. This lightweight system is designed to ensure the buoy remains in position and the mooring taut to enable wave powered electricity generation on the buoy.

This will power on board exclusion zone monitoring equipment which was supplied by Acteon’s sister company, Pulse Monitoring.

The system is expected to be deployed in August 2019 and remain offshore for a trial period of approximately nine months.