InterMoor has completed the permanent abandonment of two suspended wells in the Tolmount area and separately, completed pre abandonment intervention activities on two other wells in the Johnston and Babbage fields. The conclusion of this project adds another two wells to InterMoor’s impressive track record of 134 wells abandoned in the UKCS and Norway since 1996. See the list here.

Island Valiant‘s Deck

The campaign for Premier involved the mobilisation of sister company Claxton’s abrasive SABRE severance equipment and mudline well specific TA Cap running retrieval tool (TACRT) on the offshore construction vessel Island Valiant. The two Tolmount wells originally drilled and suspended in 2011 and 2013, both were abrasively severed below the seabed and recovered to shore for onshore recycling.



SABRE deployment

The other elements of the scope involved well intervention activities to clean up tieback threads which were obscured by marine growth and the subsequent reinstatement of associated TA caps ahead of future rig-based abandonment of the well.

Scrap wellheads

In addition, InterMoor utilised Unity Well’s TA Cap Test Tool (TACTT) in conjunction with Claxton’s TACRT to investigate and safely confirm if reservoir pressure was present underneath a TA cap on the Babbage well. The project was completed on time and has enabled Premier to progress with its ongoing well abandonment plans scheduled for later this year.