Subsea Heave Compensators

Subsea Heave Compensators

DOT, 2009

Authors: Bob Wilde and Jake Ormond or InterMoor  

In an effort to expand InterMoor’s Subsea installation business and the Back of the Boat services we offer to our clients, we have discovered a need for an enhanced version of our existing Subsea Compensators.

The current units that we operate work well for the sea states in the GOM but are not well suited for most installation work in other markets such as West Africa and Brazil. In these areas they experience large swells with long periods between, which encouraged us to develop a compensator that is more versatile in any situation.

The new units we are developing will have a much better reaction to these sea states and offer several improvements. These units are depth compensated, subsea adjustable and can be hydraulically locked during deployment. They can also be deployed and recovered over a stern roller. This allows a much broader range of applications and vessels for which these units can be utilized. The first prototype unit (15 ton working load) has been completed and is in the final stages of testing. Engineering has already begun on two 75 ton units to be built early 2009.

Request the technical paper from Deep Offshore Technology - 2009.

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