Technical Articles

OMAE 2012-84067 - Microbiologically influenced corrosion of Gulf of Mexico mooring chain at 6,000 feet depths

During a post-installation inspection of a polyester and chain mooring system in water depths of approximately 6,000 ft, evidence of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) was found in the form of rust tubercles known as rusticles.

Mooring Maintenance

Kent Longridge, InterMoor, USA, outlines a practical approach to Mooring Integrity Management (MIM).

Unlocking Value

Whilst the overall spend within the West Africa region has continued to increase over recent years this has been mirrored by increasing costs.

Inter-M® Pulse

A new and innovative mooring line monitoring technology

Deepwater Mooring

An examination of cost and technical options in light of recent experiences and legislative changes.

Advances in Mooring

Advanced engineering allows mooring facilities close to offshore structures

The Pros and Cons of Presetting

With the help of offshore mooring and anchoring specialist Todd Veselis, a senior project manager with InterMoor, Bill Clewes looks at the arguments surrounding the use of preset moorings for deepwater drilling rigs.

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