InterMoor Develops Inter-M Swivel

HOUSTON (August 10, 2010) – InterMoor, an Acteon company, is proud to announce the development of its new Inter-M® Swivel, a multi-purpose mooring swivel that can join chains of the same or dissimilar sizes together allowing for 360° rotational freedom while under tension.

An advantage of the Inter-M Swivel is that it does not require any kenters or joining shackles because it connects directly into studless or common stud-link chain, which lowers costs to the client and saves time during mooring equipment assembly by reducing the number of connections in the system while still providing rotational freedom.

“Using InterMoor’s knowledge of long-term mooring connectors and extensive experience with H-Link and shackle manufacturing, the Inter-M Swivel combines technologies that have been introduced on deepwater and general chain-to-chain connectors,” said Alan Duncan, InterMoor’s United Kingdom Managing Director. “These technological advances make the Inter-M a cutting edge, deeper-water, longer-term mooring swivel that compliments the chain grades being installed or recovered.”

Each Inter-M Swivel is proof load tested to 4731kN (1064 kips), and one in every 25 is taken to extreme break loads to ensure the Inter-M Swivel can withstand 8000kN (1799 kips).

Approximately 50 Inter-M Swivels have been sold in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and the North Sea.

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