InterMoor Completes Mooring Operations for CABGOC in Angola

HOUSTON (Jan. 14, 2009) – InterMoor Inc., an Acteon company, has anchored a mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) and preset anchors for a tender assist drilling (TAD) vessel for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd. (CABGOC) offshore Angola, announced InterMoor President Tom Fulton.

InterMoor provided design, engineering, procurement and installation services for the permanent preset moorings at the Tombua Landana location and the Tombua South drill center. The company also handled the fabrication of a 60-foot suction follower and various installation aids that were required for the installation of suction-embedded plate anchors (SEPLA) at the Tombua Landana location.

Eight mooring anchors were installed at both of the locations. At the Tombua Landana location, installation of the eight SEPLA anchors at a water depth of 1,250 feet began Oct. 28 and was completed by Nov. 5. On average, it took just more than a day per anchor to complete the installation.

This project marks the first time SEPLA anchors and a polyester preset (to be installed in mid-2009) were used offshore Angola for CABGOC, a Chevron subsidiary.

“Successful installation of the SEPLA anchors is an important milestone for InterMoor on a project that has included several challenges, including vessel availability, investigation of various installation methods, fabrication requirements and limited installation windows,” said Michael O’Driscoll, a project manager for InterMoor.

Polyester lines specifically designed and fabricated for the Tombua Landana site will be attached to the preset SEPLAs and anchor chain using subsea mooring connectors in mid-2009. The preset system will then be used to hook-up and moor the TAD vessel.

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