OTC 2015

As more structures are installed in offshore deepwater locations, the demands on the fleet of vessels that support the work increase.  Deeper installation depths require the employment of emerging technologies and novel installation practices to safely accomplish installation and commissioning of the station keeping system.  Deepwater operations can be costly and operators often enter extended contracts with vessel owners to support a variety of offshore operations as a cost reduction measure.  In the autumn of 2014, the Delta House floating production system (FPS) was connected to its pre-set taut-leg mooring system in approximately 4,500 feet of water.  Mooring installation costs were reduced by utilizing an anchor-handling vessel (AHV) already on long-term contract with the Operator’s drilling department. 

The Delta House hull and mooring designs were created by EXMAR Offshore, and the mooring components were specified and ordered knowing that the components exceeded the handling capacity of the selected installation vessel.  This created unique challenges as the normal handling practices and equipment could not be employed.  This paper summarizes the challenges and solutions found during the installation of the Delta House FPS for LLOG Exploration.  It highlights innovations that extended the installation vessel’s capacity and compares the size of the Delta House mooring components with those installed for LLOG’s previous OTPI-Ex hull (Who Dat) in 2011.  It describes enabling technologies that made installation possible with the specified asset.

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