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Global Presence

UK Norway Africa South East Asia Brazil North Amercia
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    InterMoor has facilities in Angola and is opening entities in Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. More information coming soon.

  • Brasil

    InterMoor de Brasil ofrece soluciones completas de alto contenido local para la colocación de anclaje y las campañas de instalación submarinos para exploración y producción.

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    América del Norte

    InterMoor is headquartered in the US. Facilities in Louisiana include extensive fabrication and shore base capabilities. More information coming soon.

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    IOS became part of InterMoor in 2010 and brings over 25 years of experience to the team. IOS InterMoor is servicing the Norway market from 3 bases in the country and is in the process of opening a new one in Hammerfest in the Artic Circle. To access Norway's intranet login here. More information coming soon.

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    Sudeste de Asia

    InterMoor operates in Malaysia and Singapore servicing the entire South East Asian market including China. InterMoor recently opened a new mooring equipment yard at Loyang offshore supply base, in Singapore. More information coming soon.

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    Reino Unido

    In Aberdeen we service local clients out of Acteon's Tern Place House facility - a dedicated site , built to house InterMoor and a number of our sister group companies. More information coming soon.