[ES] Unlocking Value

Unlocking Value - Highlighting through case studies, areas of operations and collaboration with opportunities to deliver significant monetary & non-monetary value

Offshore West Africa, January 2012 

Authors: Will Rowley, Group Analyst, Acteon. Francis Faka, Business Development Manager, InterMoor. 

Summary: Whilst the overall spend within the West Africa region has continued to increase over recent years this has been mirrored by increasing costs. In addition a wide range of non-monetary issues such as political unrest, legislative uncertainly and resource constraints have made delivering operational value an increasing challenge. As specialist contractors and sub-contractors, companies within the Acteon Group have had to work hard to deliver increased value for operators, major contractors and drillers through innovative ideas and developments across the project timeline. Within the drilling arena the application of pre-lay mooring and well conductors has delivered significant reductions in overall well costs by increasing the ratio of drilling to non-drilling time across multiple wells and developments. In addition, the consistency of moving mooring to a better planned drilling support package has increased support vessel utilisation and provided vessel operators and other local contractors with increased visibility on activities, leading to marked improvements in efficiency and value. In the case of well conductors, the unique and patented process of installation has taken this otherwise arduous task off the critical path of operations. By working in new and expanded collaborations with local contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, particularly in higher value areas such as engineering and engineering support, it has been possible to not just increase local content ratios but put in place longer term more sustainable business plans to deliver value at national and local level. In the development of larger and more advanced high capacity powered reels and tensioners it has been possible, through modular design, to separate components such that mid-range technology can be engineered and built locally. Through increased localisation it has then also been possible to build and expand, through local collaboration with selected partners, an expanded service and support network with on-going engineered development value. This paper will highlight a number of real examples (pre-lay moorings, conductor installation & A-frameless launch) where positive and practical steps in the development of local content and support coupled with innovation has delivered actual cost savings and additional value to the local and national communities. 

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