[ES] Inter-M® Pulse

Inter-M® Pulse: A new and innovative mooring line monitoring technology

In conjunction with sister company Pulse Structural Monitoring, InterMoor has taken its H-Link manufacturing knowledge and combined it with the very latest mooring monitoring technology. Connecting mooring chains together, the Inter-M Pulse will monitor and track the in situ tension for each mooring line and transmit the tension data acoustically to the top side control room interface.

The Inter-M Pulse features and benefits are:

  • Full history of mooring line
  • Acoustic data transmission
  • On-demand data upload
  • Traffic light alarm system
  • Topside power not required
  • Deployable over the back of a stern roller
  • Suitable for moored FPSO and MODU
  • Provides crucial information after a storm or hurricane, saving potential downtime


  • Deployable in depths up to 1500 m
  • Configurable battery options
  • Four main components
  • 2 INTEGRIpod AF loggers
  • A standard InterMoor H-link
  • A durable, marine grade plastic shroud
  • A topside data acquisition system


  • A class approved long term mooring connector
  • Direct tension measurement
  • Data available on demand
  • Acoustic transmission eliminating the risk of severed cables
  • Immediate alarm if the tension exceeds preset values

A proven technology:

In a sea trial completed on the Ocean Nomad with the support of BG and Diamond Drilling, the system measured tension and inclination data over a 1-month period during the sea trial. The data was sent back to the topside system via the acoustic data link once a minute for several hours a day. The sea trial proved that the system will communicate in a range of sea states from calm to a max wave height of 7.8 m. with a significant wave height of 5.1 m. The sea trial also proved that the Inter-M Pulse is deployable and recoverable from the back of a boat over a stern roller. Patent pending. Learn more about the results of the sea trial.

The Inter-M Pulse has been nominated for the 2012 ONS Innovation Awards.

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