[ES] Boa Vinda a Rio!

According to InterMoor, no other company offers as many specialized mooring services in the area as it does, aside from Petrobras’ mooring division.

Offshore Engineer, September 2006

Following the Acteon acquisition in 2004, InterMoor began exploring more diverse projects and developing new technologies, a free-range approach that has InterMoor eyeing not just mooring work off Brazil, but subsea installations, presetting drilling conductors and manifold installation work.

InterMoor is entering Brazil as a wholly owned Brazilian company and will work closely with Fluke Engenharia, which will provide base services, logistic assistance, mooring maintenance and fabrication and local knowledge. ‘We now have the ability to develop other natural technologies that are out there for our kind of business,’ says John Riggs, InterMoor managing director.

InterMoor plans to take existing solutions that have traditionally been performed from drilling rigs and specialized installation and construction vessels and re-engineer them to allow them to be performed by smaller and less expensive installation equipment.

One such solution is to pre-install drilling conductors with an AHTS (anchor handling, tug, supply) vessel. ‘By pre-installing the drilling conductors, operators do not have to pay the high day rates for the drilling rigs to perform this
operation,’ says Riggs (pictured). ‘The rig can simply move into location and begin drilling, which is a significant  savings of time and money for the operators.’

National oil company bids in Brazil must go to local companies first, and if the local companies cannot do the work, then the bids can be issued to foreign companies. Independent oil companies operating in Brazil also have local content restrictions and have contractual quotas that must be met. InterMoor do Brasil is a 100% Brazilian company, and work performed in Brazil by the company will help satisfy the required local content component for the independent operators.

InterMoor do Brasil and other future new regional offices will receive engineering and technical support from the main office in Houston. Acteon-owned companies, Menck, CIS, Aquatic, UWG, 2H Offshore, Trident, WellCut, Claxton, Mirage and Team will also provide support and be able to promote their services and products through InterMoor do Brasil.

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